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各位Fans😎,係咪期待咗好耐呢?最新登場嘅「Rainbow Moon Chalice🌛」擴香石,以傳說中嘅美少女戰士「#聖杯🌛」為設計主題,等你獲得全新力量,一齊變身成拯救伙伴同世界。想瞬間扭轉好心情🌹,一於入手「Rainbow Moon Chalice🌛」擴香石,可愛又不失清新嘅花果香調,更帶有淡淡木質氣息,係釋放持久繚繞香味嘅夢幻選擇💛


💎Rainbow Moon Chalice🌛」擴香石 + 香薰油10ml

🔸用法:將 8 -10 滴香薰油,滴在擴香石上,擺放於空氣流通位置,讓香氣自然釋放。





Dear fans 😎, have you been eagerly anticipating this for a long time? The latest arrival, "Rainbow Moon Chalice" fragrance stone, is designed based on the legendary Sailor Moon 🌛." It allows you to acquire a brand-new power and transform  to save your friends and the world. If you want to instantly uplift your mood 🌹. Let's receive a new power with the Rainbow Moon Chalice. It features a cute and refreshing floral and fruity scent, with a hint of woody notes, releasing a long-lasting and enchanting fragrance 💛.


💎 "Rainbow Moon Chalice🌛 " + 10ml Aromatherapy Oil

🔸Usage: Apply 8-10 drops of aromatherapy oil onto the fragrance stone and place it in a well-ventilated area for the aroma to naturally diffuse.

🔹Top notes: Bergamot, blackcurrant, sweet orange, lavender, rose, and nutmeg.

🔸Middle notes: Jasmine, rose, magnolia, peony, and labdanum.

🔹Base notes: Amber, musk, vanilla, vetiver, and cashmere.


美少女戰士-聖杯擴香石+ 香薰油10ml

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