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The Legendary Silver Crystal in The Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon is sacred and has the strongest power. Let this purity power continues with its’fragrance!


The Fabulous Shop has created the second edition of its Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon perfume collection with Legendary Silver Crystal. The design focusing on the crystal-clear Legendary silver crystal just like the original.  The Legendary Silver Crystal on the top cap uses genuine crystal, echoing the elegance and nobility of the Legendary Silver Crystal. Whether it’s the angles of carving or cutting, the glass of the bottle is cut with utmost care. The craftsmanship is exquisite and delicate, as if the purity of heart is transparent and clean.


The perfume is formulated and produced by the United Kingdom. The top notes are fresh and elegant bergamot, sea breeze and green scent. The middle notes are delicate and elegant mimosa, iris, rose, magnolia, lily of the valley and violet. The base slowly reveals musk, Amber, cypress, vetiver, guaiac wood and vanilla blossoming the most beautiful original intention.


When the simple and pure white outer box is opened, Legendary Silver Crystal perfume is surrounded by the moon castle, the memorable picture is reappeared. Has it awakened the purest and most passionate hearts?


Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Legendary Silver Crystal Perfume 50ml

  • Box size: 110(W) x 155(H) x 110(D)mm
    Product size : 76(W) x 74(H) x 86(D) mm

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